Through The Ink Co. you have access to the finest, made-in-America, money saving toners and inks that rival OEM in quality and yield.
You may also find unique ultra-high yield, super-saver toners.

Remanufactured Cartridges from The Ink Co. have success rates that rival OEM, 97%-99%+

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Who uses The Ink Co. and/or remanufactured products?

Shandon Unified School District, The City of Atascadero, CPAs, Herman Story Wines, Connexin, Nature’s Touch Market, Red Scooter Deli, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Veterans Administration, Umqua Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines and many more.

A few of the machines which are successfully using The Ink Co. products are shown above. Clients are saving money, getting excellent print quality and yield matching and sometimes exceeding that of O.E.M.
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The manufacturers of the products marketed by The Ink Co. have been researched and samples have been tested in our own printers, or printers of a patient family member or friend.